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Honoring While Grieving

Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching talks about how to honor, celebrate and navigate the grief that arises when a loved one passes and how she can help families ground themselves during the process.

Navigating the New Normal

During this new normal, we’ve become more sensitive to personal space.Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching talks about the hope that we reunite with our loved ones. Faith provides some advice on how to manage your expectations, by getting a feeling for how they’re reacting to the new normal: seeing people on the streets wearing masks, people in lines at the store six feet apart, and so forth.

Will Mom Remember Me?

Families are seeing new developments with senior loved ones in senior care after having been apart from them. Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching provides advice for how to reconnect with senior loved ones after the isolation brought about by the pandemic and addresses the fear: Will Mom remember me when I visit her?

Sharing Grief With Your Senior Loved One

Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching talks about coping with grief. Many people have lost someone to COVID or know of someone who has, which brings a heaviness to your heart. While dealing with that with someone with dementia is a bit of a challenge, her heart goes out to the families who understand the current situation and have lost someone they loved, and are faced with whether or how to explain that to a loved one with dementia. I think we need to say it, share that grief, and see how our loved ones respond. It can be heavy on your heart to have that expectation of sadness, and maybe you get it and maybe you don’t.

Reconnecting in the New Normal

Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching talks about communicating and reconnecting with senior loved ones during the pandemic, as we’ve been programmed to be distant, respecting spaces and creating barriers, even when vaccinated. In this new normal, those in senior care have seen changes, but you have to connect with them as they’re able, understanding that their memory is tricky and they may not have realized that this new normal has lasted for more than a year.

Meeting Loved Ones Where They Are

Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching is a published author and expert on Alzheimer’s and dementia with a new approach. In this segment, Faith discusses the fear that we’ve been reaching out to our loved ones in senior centers via Zoom, phone calls, or with a window separating them, and being afraid that they won’t remember us when we’re finally able to reconnect with them in person. I would just want to run in and give them a big hug, but it may be better first to gauge how they’ll respond to that, taking a baby-steps journey toward becoming reacquainted, and meeting them where they are, psychologically.

Faith Marshall’s Journey with Her Mom and Dementia

Faith Marshall of Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching shares her story. She journaled her ten years of caregiving during her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s and published it as a helpful guide in ‘I Miss You Mom, A Daughter’s Journey into Dementia Land’.

Education and Awareness for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Faith Marshall, author of “I Miss You, Mom: A Daughter’s Journey Into Dementia Land”, works to build communities and awareness.